Liquid Hydrogen :
The key technology for hydrogen society

Hydrogen is the essence of the power of the universe. The liquid hydrogen, even more concentrated form compared to the hydrogen in gaseous state, delivers more energy in much smaller volume. It does all the fossil fuel and nuclear energy do but does not generate all the harmful byproducts, such as smoke of particulate matters or carbon dioxide.

The biggest advantages of liquid hydrogen include the easier storage and efficiency in transportation, just to name a few. Since 1 liter of liquid hydrogen at -253 degree Celsius (-423 degree Fahrenheit) becomes 800 liters of hydrogen gas at room temperature, estimated cost shows that liquid hydrogen is more than 10 times better than hydrogen gas.

Therefore, the liquid hydrogen plays a significant role in the future energy paradigm and overall economy as well.

Transport efficiency :
Compressed Hydrogen Gas VS Liquid Hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen transportation is 10 times more efficient than compressed gas delivery, making it the most efficient solution for a large utilization of hydrogen.